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Taking The Myth – 11 June 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and Iram Ramzan discuss the big topic. We talk about: The grandson of Hamas, Christopher Hitchens and ‘death bed conversions, Nicky Campbell, Ramadan, Noel Edmonds’s cancer claims, Prevent, European Commission on” ‘hate speech’, ‘rape jokes’ and the EU Referendum.

Also, Chief Myth-taking Correspondent A Scotsman Abroad contributes to the ASLAN Awards!

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EU Referendum: Cameron And Farage Live


Prime Minister David Cameron and MEP Nigel Farage both made their individual cases for a ‘remain’ or ‘out’ respectively for the upcoming European Referendum in a live television ‘debate’ last night.

I say ‘debate’ as both men never shared the stage or traded questions.

Given the way in which Britain’s membership to the European Union informs immigration policy, and how that in turn could effect the movement of Jihadists within Europe, I’ve often been asked which way I will be voting on June 23rd.

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